How to create a custom Minecraft server

How to make your own Minecraft server.

By default, the Minecraft server will not connect to the internet, but you can easily change this by adding the IP address of the server.

You can also configure it to automatically start at boot time.

Launch the Minecraft client with the command: mcp -i mcp You can then create a new Minecraft server using the command mcp:server CreateServer Once the server is created, you can check that it’s running by checking the server’s logs with the: mstat server You can see the list of connected Minecraft servers by using: mlist Servers This list shows you which Minecraft servers are connected to which other Minecraft servers.

You can also get the Minecraft version with: getversion server You will find a list of Minecraft servers with their IP addresses, version, and other information here: For more information about the Minecraft servers, check out: