When Bethesda releases Skyrim 3: Skyrim’s first-person adventure, it will have the biggest RPG engine of any title in history, says game designer and developer Chris Avellone

The team at Bethesda Game Studios are working hard to build the biggest game engine in the history of gaming, according to the company’s president of creative development, Chris Avello.

That means creating the most immersive, immersive worlds ever seen in a videogame, he said.

“It’s not just the size, it’s the fidelity, and the fidelity is the one thing that sets Skyrim apart,” Avello told GamesBeat in a recent interview.

“If you want to have that immersion, then you have to have the fidelity of the world, the fidelity in the lighting and in the shadows and in all the other things that are in the world.”

Skyrim’s biggest obstacle is that Skyrim isn’t just a game, but also a massive world.

It’s a sandbox game with hundreds of thousands of quests, hundreds of NPCs, and dozens of dungeons to explore.

Bethesda is planning to release a free update that will add a massive new feature, the “Dragonborn,” which will allow players to create new characters, and to customize their own gear, weapons, and armor.

But there’s no time to waste with the new features.

“We want to get to that point where we can release this huge new update that allows you to play as a Dragonborn, so that you can have a new game and you can build your character and you build your world,” Avellllo said.

It’ll take time, and a lot of money, but that’s the kind of ambition that Avello believes Bethesda is willing to dedicate to Skyrim.

The Dragonborn update will be released in November 2018, and will include new features, like new weapons, armor, and new abilities.

The first free update will launch this month.

Bethesda Game Plans A lot of the content that’s coming with Skyrim will be “unreleased” until the game’s next big update, which will include a new quest line, new areas, new dungeons, and other content.

Avello said the team will be releasing more “unannounced” features in the future.

Skyrim’s future is a big question mark for developers.

“I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s some stuff coming out in November that we haven’t announced yet, and that will really drive us,” Avella said.

There’s no word on when Bethesda will reveal any of the “unnamed” features that will be coming to Skyrim later this year, but Avello is optimistic.

“One of the things we’ve been working on is a really big feature called ‘Dragonborn,’ and we’re very excited about it, and it will be a huge feature,” Avelli said.

Bethesda has said it’s working on a new IP to take the place of Skyrim.

“The Dragonborn will be our biggest, most epic IP ever, and we want to make sure we’re going to make that as long as we can,” Avellan said.