What is Kodi?

A search for “kodi” returns more than 200 results, many of them of the dubious quality. 

The news source reports that Google News has just published a new article detailing the differences between Kodi and the other popular open source media players. 

It’s a fair article, but it does not provide much context, nor do I have access to a copy of the article. 

To summarize, this is what Google News says: KODI – The best Kodi builds for everyday users and hobbyists This is a great way to get the best Kodi build for your specific needs.

KODA – This version is better for everyone else, but not as good for you.

KOL – Kodi’s “official” build for Linux (with a few notable limitations) KONGO – this is the official Kodi build, so it’s safe to use for your Linux install KONOGA – KODIO is the Kodi Media Center, it will also run Kodi on your server (or your own) KOBE – Kodi’s official Kodi “community” KOBEGO – KONO is the KODIE (Kodi Open Source Community Edition) and KODIA (KODIE Open Source) builds, which are not the Kodi builds that Google’s news source is citing as the best. 

I could have done a better job of sourcing this article, and hopefully you will see why I’m hesitant to use a Kodi build in a build repository like Google’s. 

KODI is an open source software that uses the open source Kodi platform as its base. 

A number of open source projects (KDE, Firefox, and many others) also use Kodi. 

This article was originally published on Google News.