Al Jazeera’s Poppy Build: ‘I want to live in a village’

Poppy is a new game that aims to make the game easier for people with special needs.

It has been created by the London-based developer, Al Jazeera America, and was first released in December.

The game aims to allow players to use a smartphone or tablet to build a miniature, customised, miniature house, where they can store and move items.

Al Jazeera says that it hopes that the game will become a platform for people to play, learn, share and celebrate with their family and friends.

Al Jazeera’s Poppys new game, Poppy, will help people who have special needs to build their own houses.

It aims to help people with autism and other special needs build their homes.

The video game will allow users to build the house in three different sizes and then share it with others via social media.

It will allow people with disabilities to play the game without the need for a wheelchair.

Poppy will be released for Android and iOS devices.

Al Telegrahi, Al Javi Al Jazeera World Affairs Correspondent, said that the video game is the result of a year of research by the developer and Al Jazeera team.

“We started with a dream, a simple dream to bring a game that can help people in the world to build an amazing home,” he said.

“It’s about helping people who are like us and can’t really do it with their hands or their bodies, and we’re just trying to help them build their house.”

Poppy was first developed in 2008 and is currently available for free on the Google Play store.

The Al Jazeera News Team contributed to this report