Blitzcrack’s building his dream home in an abandoned building

RYZE BUILDING HIS DREAM HOME IN AN ANUBISCO-FALMOUTH, Florida (AP) Blitzcrock, a Florida-based computer builder, built his dream house for $300,000.

It’s located in an empty, boarded-up warehouse that was once a shipping warehouse.

The property is about 1,500 square feet (38 square meters).

“It’s the perfect size for a single-family home,” said Blitz.

“It has a lot of space for me, a lot for the children.

It has lots of windows, lots of natural light.

There’s plenty of space.

It was built for me.”

Blitz said the house is made of reclaimed wood and a lot has been reused.

He said the home was built by a former marine, who was on the property for 10 years before he moved out and sold it.

“The home itself was built in 2002,” he said.

“This is my first home.

I’m a little bit excited, but I’m also a little nervous.

I haven’t done any renovations yet.”

A lot of the furniture was made from salvaged parts.

The garage was built from a shipping crate.

Blitz bought the home in 2016.

He bought the house, which he said was built over 20 years ago, because it was a good deal at the time.

“I was looking for a place that I could live my dream and have fun and make money,” Blitz explained.

He did some research online and realized it was worth about $300.

“My wife said, ‘You’re the one that has to get a mortgage on this house.

It is a dream,'” he said, adding that his wife was surprised by the price.

“She said, well, it’s not your dream, but you’re going to have to take it on the chin.”

Bliz has lived in the home for three years.

He and his wife have had to renovate the garage, which is made out of scrap metal.

“We put all the parts into the garage.

It looks like a dumpster,” he explained.

“That’s why it looks like it’s a dump truck.

The door is made from a big old piece of metal.”

The garage is a “complete disaster,” Bliz said.

Bliz did some work on the house and is planning to make some improvements.

He’s also been working on renovations to the house.

“There’s a lot to do,” he joked.

“But I think this house will live forever.”

Blistow built his home after he got out of military service.

Blisto was born in South Africa and went to the U.S. Army Reserve.

He went to school in South Florida, where he worked as a mechanic.

He was discharged after his service in the military.

Blit said he bought the property because he wanted to live in a big city and not have to drive everywhere.

“Now that I’m in my 50s, I’m looking at other opportunities,” he added.

Blitzer said he’s happy that he was able to make a deal with Bliz.

“When I saw that, I said, yeah, we should have a home here.

It will be really nice,” he laughed.

Bliow said he hopes Bliz is the first person in the world to own a house.

He plans to move in in June.