How to build a home with a draven custom home build

A DIY custom homebuilder is building a home out of scraps and scraps of scrap metal from the ground.

The builder is selling his house on craigslist and hopes to raise $150,000 to make the project happen.

The DIY custom builder, who goes by the handle of Draven, hopes to build and sell the home on

Draven says he built the home in two days on a piece of scrap wood.

The home is in a small area of the city near downtown.

He hopes to sell the house on a listing on craigdowntown to help him buy a home in the area.

The custom home is currently under construction.

The house has no windows and it’s all wood, and it has no plumbing, electricity, or running water.

He says he wants to use the money to get a place to live.

Draver says he got the idea to build the home after he watched a documentary about how home construction has been used for years to fund drugs.

Dravin says he’s not interested in getting rich building the home, which is still in the design stage.

He’s hoping to get some help from to help pay for the build.

Draves website says he has a couple friends in the Detroit area who would like to help out with the home.

Draved says he hopes to have the home up and running in three months.

Dravers house has already received an inspection from the city of Detroit.

Draving says he did all the work himself.

“I did it myself, I built it myself.

I put it together, I installed everything myself, and I took care of it,” Draven said.

He said he did the most basic work, like the foundation, the roof, the walls, and plumbing.

Dravern says he’ll have the house up and working in three to four months.

He has some plans to finish the house out in a few months.

If he’s successful, Draven hopes to see the project go viral.

DraVans website says the site is now down, but he plans to keep it up as long as he can.

Drave says he is a proud homeowner and hopes his work helps people.

The story has been picked up by the Huffington Post, The Detroit Free Press, WXYZ News, Detroit Free Times, and others.

The Detroit News ran a story about Draven.