Which is the best car for every job?

In a previous article we examined the pros and cons of buying a new car and comparing them to a similar car with a higher price tag.

In this article we’ll look at a specific question: Which is best for a car repairman?

In this example, we’re going to use the Ford Focus RS as an example.

It has the same engine and powertrain as the Focus RS, but it’s more expensive, and its exterior styling features an attractive new paint job that gives it an edge over the other models in the segment.

It comes with a few extras that are standard for the Focus and are generally worth considering.

The Focus RS comes with the usual starter pack of tools, the standard starter kit, the 6-speed manual transmission, and the standard safety equipment.

It also comes with its own leather interior and the option of buying optional rearview mirrors.

If you’re looking for a basic, everyday car that’s ready to go, the Focus should be a good choice.

Pros: Excellent price.

No strings attached.

Great performance.

Plenty of power.

Cons: Very limited range.

Limited range of options.

Pricey interior.

Not much to recommend.