Why the Supreme Court building needs a new roof

A building that looks more like a skyscraper than a Capitol building has been upgraded with a roof to better protect the building’s delicate, fragile and expensive structure.

The Supreme Court Building was the target of an earthquake in October.

This week, a new dome was installed over the damaged structure.

This is not the first time the Supreme court building has suffered structural damage.

A previous roof collapsed during the building reconstruction project, causing the roof to collapse in front of the building.

A new roof will help protect the structure and keep the building from becoming unstable.

“We are in a very delicate situation in the Supreme, and we have to be very careful with the structure,” said a government official.

“The building has a very fragile structure, but we will keep it in good condition.”

“The structure has suffered a lot of damage, and a new structure will keep the roof in good shape,” said the official.

The new roof is being installed in the area that was under construction when the building was damaged.

The government has yet to decide on its exact location, but the official said it was expected to be near the area of the original structure.

“There is a lot to do, and this will take a long time,” said another official.

“We are not sure when this will be completed.

We will have to wait and see.”

This is just one of many projects the Supreme building is undergoing to ensure its survival.

Construction began in July and has been completed so far.

In order to save the building, construction crews were forced to put the building under water to save it from flooding.

Construction on the building started in March 2017, and is expected to finish in 2019.