Yone builds its own cryptocurrency mining hardware

Yone, the mining hardware company that recently announced a new partnership with cryptsy to create a mining hardware platform, has built its own mining hardware in partnership with one of the world’s most famous cryptographers.

The Yone miner, which will be launched in 2019, will use the latest chipsets, including the Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4, the latest NVIDIA Quadro cards, and the latest AMD Ryzen chips.

The hardware will be designed to handle the high-performance, high-throughput mining workloads that have become so popular on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Yone mining hardware is also designed to work with the Ethereum network.

The partnership with Nvidia, which also owns the mining chipsets and the Ethereum Network, will enable Yone to leverage its network’s capabilities, said CEO and founder Igor Komarov.

Yone, which Komarov co-founded with Vlad Zamfir, is a leading manufacturer of mining equipment and software for the cryptocurrency market.

The company recently announced that it had acquired Bitfury for $4 billion in a deal that also included a stake in Bitfinex, the world-leading cryptocurrency exchange.

The Hashfast team that built the mining platform was led by Yone’s CEO Vlad Zamfeur.

The company has developed a number of innovative products for mining applications, including a “crypto hash accelerator” that is capable of delivering a 100 percent hashrate and an “ultra hash accelerator,” which uses a custom GPU to achieve a 100-percent hashrate.

The hash acceleration software is designed for both GPU-accelerated mining applications and for other applications, Komarov said.

Yonas mining hardware will run a custom-designed Linux kernel, Komagarov said, with the exception of the Linux driver that is being developed by the Hashfast developers.

The Linux kernel was developed by a consortium of developers known as “Hashfast.”

The Hashforce-Yonos partnership with Yone will allow Yone users to purchase mining hardware from the company for up to 50 percent off the sticker price, Komaganov said.

The partnership with Hashfast will enable them to further develop and improve the software that they develop to support Yone products, Komagi told reporters on Friday.

The new partnership between Yone and Hashfast is part of a broader alliance between the two companies, Komagin said.

“Hashforce-M is an alliance of two leading cryptocurrencies and the Yone team,” Komagin added.

“This partnership will bring more opportunities for both companies to further expand their marketshare and become more relevant in the cryptocurrency space.”

Hashforce and Yone announced earlier this month that they had entered into a strategic alliance to create and operate a Bitcoin mining operation in the United States.

The two companies have already developed and launched a number, but not all, of the Hashforce hardware.

In an interview with CNBC on Friday, Komaguer said that the Hashenergy-Yone partnership was not only about mining, but also about “cryptocurrency development.”

“The mining hardware and the software development are the two main drivers of Bitcoin,” Komagov said, noting that hashpower will be an important driver of the future growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

“The main reason for this alliance is about Bitcoin and mining, not about the cryptocurrency itself.

We will continue to build Bitcoin mining machines,” Komaguers statement reads.

“We have already announced that we will provide hash power to Hashforce as soon as we receive our chipsets from Hashfast.”