Teemo Builds New Stadium in Melbourne

Teemo have completed a major project in Melbourne to bring the club’s brand to an international arena.

The Teemo Stadium is being built to house the club, the NAB AFL Rising Stars Cup and the AFL Rising Legends Series.

The stadium will feature a grandstand, four giant terraces and will have an artificial turf surface.

“The stadium is part of the larger Teemo brand,” Teemo CEO Steve O’Brien said.

It is also part of Teemo’s vision to provide an international experience, where we have a global footprint in Australia and across the world.

“The Teemos plan to add a second stadium in Melbourne’s CBD as well as a brand new stadium in the city’s east end, in what is part two of the $500 million redevelopment of the old Olympic stadium.

Teemo has also begun construction on its first major sports complex in Australia, which will house the Melbourne Rebels, and plans to expand the club to Melbourne’s northern beaches.

The club will also build a new stadium at Wollongong’s new Port Phillip Dock.

Earlier this year, the club announced it would spend $1 billion over the next five years on a new state-of-the-art stadium.

There will also be a new national football training ground and a brand-new training centre at the Wollangong Cricket Club.

Teemos chief executive Steve O. O’Brien said the club would “work closely” with its partners in the Victorian Premier’s office and state government, who will be “very supportive of this project”.”

We want to be part of a future in which Melbourne and the state of Victoria are able to be home to a truly global and internationally recognised sport,” Mr O’Reilly said.”

It’s a major commitment for our club, which is a priority in the national and international sporting and entertainment community.

“The club has been in Melbourne since 2009.

They finished third in the NAPWA Premiership in 2016, with five wins and four losses, and won the inaugural premiership in 2015.

They won the Victorian Championship in 2015 and are now the fifth-ranked team in the A-League.

Originally published as Teemo stadium to be built in Melbourne