New Google-owned MGTool toolkit is on Github

New Google tools developer MGTools has published a new Github repository that provides a toolkit to quickly build and install the MGTOOL desktop toolkit on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

The toolkit includes support for the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser, as well as support for and the Google App Engine.

It also includes a suite of tools that are designed to help developers create and distribute MGTs for the Google Play Store, the Google Developers Console, and Google Play Console.

For developers, MGT Tools is meant to help them quickly get started with their app and build a MGT for the cloud, Google Cloud Platform, and the Web.

The GitHub repository also includes the MGPools app for Android, the MGPro Tools for Mac, the MobileGroups and Mobile Groups for Mac apps, and a couple of other apps that are specifically designed to build MGT apps for iOS.

“Developers looking to quickly get their app on Google Play and to share their work with the world will be pleased to see that we have this toolkit,” MGT Manager, Michael C. Hall, said in a blog post.

“It is designed to allow the same kind of rapid deployment that we saw with the Google Developer Tools, but with a much more streamlined experience.”

The MGT tools repository is still being actively developed, but it includes a handful of tools already available, including an app for the MGA (Microsoft GA Client App) for Windows, a tool for the Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) for Mac OS X, a developer dashboard for iOS, and some other useful tools for developers.

MGT Toolkit will be available to download in the coming weeks.