How to build a steel-framed home in Melbourne

How to create a house from scratch with no tools, with no expertise and with no time?

It’s the most important thing in the world to build, to build with love and care.

For my family, that’s the main challenge.

It took us nearly a decade to get a house that was ready to go.

We knew it would be a challenge, but it was a challenge we could do.

The first few months, we built it out in the backyard of our house in the north-west of Melbourne.

We did the most basic thing that you can do in Australia, build it in your backyard.

We used a shed that we had just found and we made a hole in the side of it to store our furniture and the water we used to wash dishes and clean up the mess.

We built a fence to separate the house from the shed and a couple of trees for shade.

We had no idea how difficult it would become, but we knew we had to take it on.

We have spent the past three years making a steel house.

This is what we have built: a simple, basic house with a shed in the back, a small garden and an airy porch, built with wood and concrete.

It’s been a challenging process, but this time we are going to be more daring, and this time it’s going to pay off.

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