‘Xin Zhao Build’ is coming to the Detroit skyline

A new Detroit-area architecture firm is building a new downtown building and is looking for owners to join in the effort.

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DGECC) announced the news at the recent DGECC Annual Meeting in Ann Arbor.

They’re calling the new building, “Xin Zhao Build.”

According to DGEcc, the building is slated to open in 2021, and it will be located at the corner of Woodward and Michigan Avenue.

There are plans for a rooftop garden area, and the company says it will also incorporate an indoor-outdoor restaurant.

The building is expected to have “a large open-concept kitchen,” the DGECCC says.

DGE cc plans to add more tenants to the building as it gets closer to opening.DGEcc says the building will feature an “open concept, multi-functional retail space with open-plan retail” on the ground floor and a “green room” at the top of the building.

The company is seeking “a minimum two-level, fully-integrated, LEED certified” building.

The company is also seeking to partner with private developers on the project.

“We will work with any company that wants to partner,” DGE CC President and CEO Robert Fitts said at the announcement.

“We are very eager to partner and build a brand-new office building in downtown Detroit.”

In the past, there have been proposals for the building, including one by a local architecture firm called “Viego Build.”

The project was canceled by the city of Detroit in October 2017.

In the meantime, DGE members have been working on plans to build an office tower on the site of the former Detroit Police headquarters.

That project is currently under construction.