A new bill would stop the federal government from paying for new housing for homeless people

Democrats are introducing a bill that would prohibit the U.S. government from giving grants to private landlords to build homes for homeless veterans, people with disabilities and the chronically ill.

The House bill would require the Department of Housing and Urban Development to submit a report every five years on whether a homeless veteran or disabled person can live in a federally subsidized apartment.

It would also require the department to make a finding within 60 days of the report that no homeless veteran can live at a federally-assisted apartment.

The bill also bars HUD from granting a housing grant to a landlord with a history of evictions.

The bill comes as a coalition of groups and local organizations has launched a nationwide movement to stop the administration’s push to build new housing, including more affordable housing and housing for low-income and disabled veterans.

The coalition, including the nonprofit Housing Works, released a report this month showing that the U and HUD have not built enough housing for people with mental illness or other chronic illnesses.

The report said that while the department has been more transparent about the data and the costs associated with the projects, it has not done enough to ensure that people with chronic health conditions are getting access to housing.