Why ‘Poppy’ was the most expensive building in Britain for sale

For the most part, British homes are built in a hurry.

The average British home costs £1,200 to build, but that number is up to £2,000 for the pricier homes in the richest part of the country.

But with more than 4 million homes now under construction, it’s no surprise that prices are up.

“Poppy” is one of the most-expensive homes on the market, with the average price of the three-bedroom house in the country going for £2.3 million, according to research firm Knight Frank.

While the average London house, in contrast, costs just £2 million.

In 2017, “Polly” was the UK’s most expensive house, according the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The home was built in 2014 and sits on the grounds of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The median price was £1.7 million, but it sold for a record price of £1 million in 2018.

“Polly’s” previous owner, the late Ian Wilson, was awarded the contract to build it.

It was designed by architects Daniel Lloyd and Thomas Hohn.

The property’s main hall, which sits on a steep hillside, has a large pool and a small terrace overlooking the Thames.

The mansion’s design has been compared to a modernist masterpiece and features a glass roof, which is designed to shield sunlight from the sun from below.

Its “green” interior features a “potted plant garden” with a variety of native plants, as well as an organic farm that feeds the family.

The house also has a swimming pool and spa.

But it is the roof that sets the house apart.

Built by the same architect, the roof of “Papillon Hill” features a unique pattern.

The roof features four curved, vertical lines that form a spiral shape.

One of the largest and most famous of the “Pillars of the Moon” architectural motifs, the spiral design is a modern style that is very popular in London and has become the “golden arches” of many British homes.

The designs “Pelham’s Hill” and “Pamplona” have also been compared.

On the front of the house, a small staircase leads to the gardens that surround the house.

This spiral staircase design has become popular in many British houses.

It is also used in some homes in New York, Chicago and London, which have similar designs.

Poppy is another popular “Pilly” and is currently being sold in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

It has an asking price of $1.8 million and is now up for sale.

While “Poppi” is still up for purchase in England and Wales, it is currently available in Scotland.

It’s worth noting that this home was purchased by a family of four.

The price was reported to be just over £1m in 2018, but a recent report has indicated that it may go much higher.