Which Lego building materials can be used in the new ‘riverhead’ building?

source News 24 title What’s inside Lego Riverhead building?

source News 12 title Lego Riverbank building article source New Zealand: New Zealand building materials are coming soon to a new location, according to a recent article by NZ Today.

The building materials, which were originally designed for use in the New Zealand Parliament, will be sold by Lego to builders around the world.

The new location is the Riverhead Building Supply site in Auckland.

The first phase of the site is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019, according the news website.

The site also has a warehouse, an office space, a dining area and a retail space.

The website states that there will be an open house for interested builders to meet with the company.

New Zealanders are looking forward to seeing the new Lego Riverheads.

According to the news site, the site’s building materials will be able to be used to build the building in several ways.

The company says it will also offer building supplies for commercial projects, such as the creation of office furniture.

“Building a Lego River Head is a real labour of love for the Lego team,” Lego spokesperson Simon Leib said.

“As a brand, we are very passionate about building, so it is only fitting that we offer our products to our builders around that area of the world.”

New Zealand building company Lego recently launched a “virtual village” on its site, which offers the Lego builders a virtual place to get involved in their projects.

The Lego village is also accessible to members of the public.