Rammus builds car to compete with Tesla, builds a car for the Indian market

Rammus built a car to challenge Tesla.

Rammus, a former CEO of rival automaker Renault, announced that it had built a prototype of a fully electric sports car.

Ramus has a joint venture with Renault and the car is being developed in collaboration with Tata Motors.

The car will compete with a range of Tesla models.

“Rammus is the only automaker with a fully autonomous vehicle.

It will be our biggest competitor.

We are going to take it to the limits,” said Rammus Chairman Prashant Acharya.

“The car will be an alternative to a Tesla Model S. We will not just build a sports car, but it will be a car that will be competitive with the top brands,” he added.

The project is one of several that the Indian carmaker is building with the help of Tata Motors for electric vehicles.

“We are going there with our eyes open.

We do not have the scale to produce a car as big as Tesla.

We have the capacity but we do not want to over-produce,” said Akshay Kumar, senior vice president and general manager of Ramus.

“Our target is to build a car which will be more affordable.

We believe we have the technology and will make it work,” he said.

“If we can build it, people will be excited.

It is not about a supercar.

We need a car, not just a car,” said Kumar.

The plan is to launch the car in 2019.

Ramis current target is a 500-mile range car.

It has the capacity to make 100,000 cars a year, Kumar said.

The automaker plans to produce its first car with two electric motors, a diesel engine and a gasoline engine.

“There will be five cars a day.

Ramms new SUV, called ‘Suresh’ is a sports coupe and it will have a range up to 400 miles. “

You can make more cars at a time if you need to,” he predicted.

Ramms new SUV, called ‘Suresh’ is a sports coupe and it will have a range up to 400 miles.

The new SUV will have five electric motors and a diesel motor.

Ramuses new SUV is called ‘Kishore’ and will be able to make 500 miles.

“This will be the first vehicle to have four electric motors.

It can be driven as a hybrid.

This is a new era in our product line,” said Anand Sharma, head of Ramas car business unit.

“It will also be a new concept in the industry.

This will be one of the best cars in India,” he told the media.

Rams new SUV has a range from 400 miles to 500 miles and is powered by a two-litre petrol engine.

Rammas new SUV also has a five-seat sports-car-like cabin, and it has a top speed of 190 kmph.