Michigan’s building rapport with building products

Michigan’s governor signed legislation Thursday to allow the state to allow its universities to create their own “build-to-order” websites.

The legislation is a first for Michigan and could open the door for other states to join the program.

The legislation will go into effect next year.

It will allow colleges to create and run their own websites on their own time, with no outside vendors or advertising.

Colleges will be able to set their own pricing and marketing strategies, and their own policies about what kinds of products they sell.

It also allows universities to set up a Web-based platform for students to receive academic support.

Michigan is one of at least three states that have passed legislation to allow universities to build their own sites.

Colorado’s legislature also passed a similar measure in 2017, but it is unclear if the bills have gained enough traction in Michigan to go to the governor for his signature.

The new legislation follows the successful rollout of a similar model in Washington state last year, which allowed students and faculty to get help with online applications for online classes.

That program was also designed to be as affordable as possible to students and teachers.

The governor’s office said the new bill would help the state’s public colleges and universities “provide their students with the best possible learning experience.”

It will also help students to connect with instructors on their campuses, the governor’s spokeswoman Nicole Cahn said in a statement.