How did this car break the rules?

VEGA is building an all-electric supercar with a petrol engine, a petrol battery and a supercharger.

But the car has been built in an apartment building, the latest in a series of developments to put the automotive industry on the map.

It is also a project in which a large number of people have contributed to the design, construction and fabrication of the car, and a small number of those involved have been employed by VEGA.’s Mark Wilson explains how the project is going.

What you need to know about VEGA’s electric supercar article Vega is developing an electric supercars for its own internal testing and development.

The company is developing its first electric super car, which will be powered by a petrol powertrain.

It will be the company’s first fully-electric vehicle, which it hopes will become the next Tesla.

It plans to introduce its electric super cars in 2021.

VEGA has also been building a number of prototype electric cars for other companies.

One of those is a Renault Clio, which VEGA said will be ready to go to showrooms by 2020.

The VEGA-Nissan collaboration is another example of how the company is working on an all electric super vehicle.

It also means it will have an all new supercar to compete with.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, VEGA CEO James Breen said the company had developed its own battery technology.

He said the project was about getting the car to where it needed to be in terms of design, quality and performance.

He confirmed that the car would be an electric version of VEGA F1, the car that won the world championship in 2018.

Vega said it was the only company with an all diesel supercar in the world.

VGA is building the Renault Cliais to showcase the company as a world leader in supercar development.

VICO F1 is one of the most iconic cars of the last 20 years, and VEGA hopes it will become a worldwide icon.’s Car of the Year feature has nominated VEGA for the title of Car of a Year.

The Car of Year award is voted on by readers, and the winner is announced in January.

VESA has also released its own special edition of the Renault-Nexus Clio to celebrate VEGA winning the title.

VEA F1 and Renault Clios will be on display at VEGA World 2015 at the Melbourne Motor Show from February 13-17.