How to get started building a home for Aphelios

A new video series on Aphelio shows him building a small house for himself in India.

Aphelos is the first person in the world to build a house with the help of robots.

The video shows the builder, who has not been named, building his house using two robots.

Aphelos’ house was built using the robot that can be found in Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo.

“I was inspired by the house, which is called Aphelo, which means ‘little house’,” he said.

“The robot has an ability to help build the house.”

It will tell you what is the topmost corner and what is in the middle.

I put the robot down and I let the house to build itself.

“Aphelios built the house using a 3D printer.”

You can also use a 3d printer,” he said, “to print out the walls.

“Then you can glue them together.”

The robot was designed to build Aphelous house for the house’s owner.

“My home is not built by humans, but by robots,” he told Mashable.

“So you can say that this is my house.”

The house is one of many AphelOS creations, and Aphels house is not the first to be built with a robot.

Aphereos creator, Andreas, who also goes by Aphel, has built more than 70 houses with robots.

According to the video, Aphel’s house was one of the most difficult to build.

“It took a while to get everything done,” he says.

“Then I just had to stop for a couple of days and think,” Aphel told Mashabu.

“In the beginning, I started from the base to the top and I didn’t get anything done.”

And then I started to build on top of it and I started seeing a lot of problems, so I stopped and thought why not try to solve it myself.